• Testimonials

  • I love this man like he was my family member. I've been going to him for 30 years, (hard to believe it's been that long). This is a man that will do his best to save your teeth instead of trying to do a procedure just to make an extra buck. I can sit here all day and write a book, and I bet he's tired of me asking him if he's going to retire anytime soon. I just don't know what I would do if he did.

    Vicki V.

  • Honest, professional, skilled. Dr. Zelikow and his hygienist are amazing. I went to a fancy, well reviewed Dr. In the loop and he sold me unnecessary fillings. Zelikow is more
    interested in my long term health over selling me something. Love him.

    Lindsay G.

  • I really lucked out when I found Dr. Zelikow ( Dr Z to me). For my entire life I saw two dentists - the father then the son. The saddest thing happened when the son took ill and was taken way too soon. So finding a new dentist was going to be difficult. I actually looked at dentist reviews nearby and found Dr Z. He's easy going, does great work and does not up sell which is a big pet peeve for me. Another positive is unlike some dentists nowadays he does not have an assistant when he's working on my teeth. Contrary to popular belief I have a small mouth and one pair of hands in my mouth is more than enough.

    If you're looking for a great dentist give him a try.

    Sandy R.

  • I'm so glad to see Dr Zelikow on Yelp! He deserves the best possible rating! I've been seeing him for 20-25 years. I would not go to anyone else, if he says something needs to be done, then I trust him. I recently expected I needed 2 crowns. One was enough, he didn't waste my time or money. Amazing, personable, and painless!

    Layda C.

  • Dr. Zelikow is great. Not only does he meet the needs of busy patients by scheduling appointments until 7pm on Wednesdays, but he is personable, gentle, thorough, and honest.

    Dr. Z was the second dentist I visited after moving to Chicago several years ago. The first dentist (also located on Belmont) charged me a shocking amount for my cleaning and told me that I needed three fillings immediately. I was suspicious that the other dentist was ripping me off since I hadn't needed anything beyond routine cleanings in the last 10 years... and there seemed to be a lot of fancy new equipment all over the place. (Is it really necessary to see video footage as the hygienist cleans your teeth? I'll pass on that, thank you very much.) So after reading the reviews on Yelp, I made an appointment with Dr. Z to get a second opinion.

    Dr. Z did a thorough exam and concluded that none of the fillings that had been recommended to me were actually necessary. He also took the time to show me why.

    My teeth and my wallet are sure glad we found Dr. Z!

    Sarah G.

  • I broke a tooth last night and my normal dentist wasn't open today. I looked online and found Dr. Zelikow and saw the rave reviews, figured he must be a solid guy. He got me right in, realized it was a broken crown and shaved it down and polished it so it would stop cutting my tongue and gums and told me to take it up with my current dentist - that they should stand by their work. I went to the front to pay and there was NO charge for the work.

    The reviews are true. This guy is a really sincere doc, and I will be moving my business to him immediately.

    Very friendly staff, very clean/modern office. Doc is the man, def recommend this place.

    Josh K.

  • Wow! Best Dentist ever! Truly goes above and beyond for his patients. I have been going to Dr. Zelikow since I sprouted my first tooth. I will be 30 next month! I know some people are afraid to go to the dentist or dread it. I feel so much better once I see Dr. Zelikow and his amazing staff! Also, I don't think I've waited longer than 2 minutes in the lobby to get taken care of. I'm not surprised on all the other 5 star ratings on here. I definitely recommend Dr. Zelikow and his crew of professionals.

    Laura E.